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For almost fifty years in the early 1900’s Pomander Gate Guesthouse on Pomander Walk (now Pomander Road) served the island as a rather exclusive accommodation for the island’s visitors. It was owned and operated by two colorful North American gentlemen whose names were Jay Lynk and Howard Buck. According to Alice Sharples Baldwin’s writings, the facility was “the smartest, most exclusive, most amusing place to stay on the island and boasting incidentally a superb cuisine.” In her account, Sharples Baldwin tells of the time when Lady Nancy Astor while visiting Bermuda had to receive special permission from Howard Buck himself to enjoy a meal at the hotel because the restaurant was reserved for Pomander Gate guests only and the restaurant did “not take outside people for meals.”

By the 1960’s, the hotel had a swimming pool, two tennis courts and was open to the public. There were a number of locals who became members and enjoyed the use of the hotel’s amenities including if not especially its tennis courts.

In the early 1970’s a group of members purchased the property, demolished the by then deteriorating hotel and built the clubhouse and four condominiums next door. The condominiums were sold to finance the endeavor and the pool remains as a part of the condominiums. They went on to form The Pomander Gate Tennis Club Ltd. which continues to this day. A Board of Directors oversees the club’s operations.